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Gonellart and Images specializes in the REPRODUCTION of contemporary and modern paintings created by the multidisciplinary artist LUCIE GONELLA.

The collection presented to you in the art galleries includes a wide variety of works in various techniques and mediums such as drawing, painting, graphic art, photography and digital art.

The artist has been in the arts community for more than 50 years and has extensive experience in various visual arts-related fields.

I invite you to visit the "ABOUT" section of her website to learn more about her career.

Several techniques of expression

Although she uses several techniques of expression, her style remains very personal and easily recognizable.

The artist is particularly fond of the human figure. She mainly paints colorful and attractive characters that express different moods.

Sometimes playful and festive, sometimes meditative, they are an insatiable source of inspiration for the author.


Canvas or paper prints

In order to share her art with a wider audience and to make it more accessible, the artist offers her collection in the form of reproductions.

Whether on canvas or on paper, a multitude of choices is offered to you among her repertoire, which is presented in the gallery of images in five (5) distinct categories according to the chosen techniques and the mediums used.

Interior decoration work of Lucie Gonella


1-     GALLERY (1) :Acrylics painted with a spatula
2-     GALLERY (2) :Acrylics painted with a brush
3-     GALLERY (3) :Mixed media / abstract
4-     GALLERY (4) :Drawings
5-     GALLERY (5) :Digital works

No price is shown in the image GALLERY.

You will find this information in the online boutique as prices are determined based on the print option and format that you select.


In order to offer you optimal results, only the highest-quality, cutting-edge products and equipment are used. Whether on canvas or on paper, the longevity of the reproductions offered to you will exceed 100 years of life and the colors will stand the test of time.


Lucie Gonella multidisciplinary artist